29 June 2010

The Veggie Invasion!

It's no secret that we LOVE our veggies.
I like going to the Farmer's Market to get
some goodies but we just don't get there enough. 
(goal: try to go at least once a month)

Side note: Farmer's Market eggs are DELISH.

Back to it ...

My inlaw's have a fantastic garden.
It's a biggy. Raised beds. Yep. Oh boy does it produce
lots of veggies.
(This is the bulk of it. They also
grow blueberries, artichokes and more.)
So many that they must give some away. They must!
I mean who wants to see veggies go bad.
Luckily they know that we like veggies too.
And we really like our tap into our very own
family Farmer's Market. They give us
A LOT of goodies. YAY!
(Our loot from Sunday night. Perfect!)

Daughter really likes picking veggies herself.
She pretty much knows where different things are growing
and what she can pick.
(Daughter & her friend picked these
carrots, rinsed them with the hose &
ate them! YUM)

Part of our dinner Sunday night was these
green and purple beans.

And this is what happened when they started to boil.
(The purple is gone. Oh well, they were YUM!)

Another thing we get is PaPa's famous in the family jarred peppers.
They sure are scrumptious!
This jar is for my brother. Yep, he loves them too.

I always try to get him to retire and sell
his jarred goodies. He won't though.
"It's too fun as a hobby", he says.  Well, can't argue with that.

I will keep working on him though. hee tee hee
Good talent should be shared with all and hey! Why not make
a few bucks too?

Until next time ...

Oh and I will keep you posted on father-in-law's
new business venture.
;o) hee tee hee hee hee ;o)