25 June 2010

A Sweet Thank you

I got this fabulously sweet card yesterday ...
Isn't it so very pretty?
I love LOVE love the sea shells.
One of my faves, by the way.
Why? Do you ask? It's because
they remind me of the ocean and the
ocean is so peaceful and relaxing.

Ahhh ... I could really go for a beach
vacation right now.

Ok, back to reality ...

I enjoy giving a thank you from time to time.
This is something I never left time for in the past.
Just a phone call was all I would do.

I realized how much I like getting them.  They make me smile.
So I made it a New Years resolution.
And, I think I am doing pretty good at giving so far.

It's so nice. Just a simple gesture to show
your gratitude. I didn't feel like I did
anything out of the ordinary to deserve this one
but obviously my friend did.
So very nice.
Well, enjoy your weekend.  I am off to day dream about
life at the beach.

Toodles ...