16 June 2010

Sunday in Yosemite? ... Ok!

Huge Rocks.
Bears ... OH MY!

Did you know the name Yosemite means literally
"among them are killers" or "there are killers among them"
and is a corrupted form of an American Indian
word used to describe the Ahwahneechee people?

Kind of odd for such a peaceful place don't you think?

As we were walking hiking actually
we wondered how Yosemite got it's name.
So as soon as we got cell service we
looked it up.
(what did we ever do without the internet?)

Anyhoo ...
With the same families we spent the day
with on Bass Lake we
took in the sites and sounds of Yosemite.
There was so much to see and do but we only
had A day.  We packed in a lot though!

Next time we will spend a couple of days in the park.

Here are some pics ...
(warning - there are a ton)

We make 3 ... 4 with Half Dome

Our hike

Daughter found a ladybug on our hike.

New friend

The tunnel

Snow. Yes snow in mid June.

The scenery ... + LOTS of waterfalls
We loved the waterfalls

Half Dome

The funny car cloud

 The bear ... Oh My!
(there were two but the silly park ranger would not
let us stop in the road long enough to take a pic
of the 2nd one ... sheesh! hee tee hee)
I really wanted to ask where we get the saddles from.
I wanted to take him for a spin!

We had THE best time.
Oh and on the way out we passed a camp ground.
Our conversation went like this,

hubber: "Look at the campground. It's packed!
(there were tents everywhere)

daughter: "Ya, we will never do that because mom is
a chicken!"

me: "Hey! Just because I don't want bears, bugs or snakes
to eat me in my sleep.  We can camp in the backyard for starters. 
I wonder if they allow trailers in there?..."

Gosh I LOVE my family.