07 June 2010

What? Do a pageant? Ok!

One day in mid April I get a call,
"Hi Liz, it's Shelby. My mom and
I have a great idea. You won't say no. Call me."
I called and poof!
I am in preperation for a pageant that was
just over a month away.

How does one who does not
like to be the center of attention
prepare to walk on stage in front of
a hundred people in a pageant?

You have a Pam and a Shelby ...
that's how.

Thankfully, Pam and Shelby are used to
this type of thing.  Shelby has been in pageants,
acting and modeling since she was a
baby and her big sister Heather (one of my besties) is
a pageant veteran also.

So we begin ...
Days and nights at Pam's trying on dresses.
Having pictures taken.
Practicing the walk.
The posture.
The hair and make-up.
The platform intro ... on stage ... yes, speaking. Out loud.

I quickly learned there is a lot more to the pageant stuff
then just looking pretty.

I tried to back out then Heather called me a chicken.
She really did. I love her!
So I was back in. :o) Thanks Heather.

About a week from the pageant I started to feel
really good. I started to think about the example
I was setting for my daughter. Showing her
that you can step out of your comfort zone
and do something different. 
I started to think of all of the
things I could do if I won.
I got excited!

Pageant day ...
Small dressing rooms. Lots of girls.
Everyone was so nice by the way.
We got the opening number instructions and
our walking path about an hour before
the pageant started.  I was stressed. I was
scared I would walk the wrong way.
I ended up walking in the right direction.
Whew ...
After the business suit for the interviews,
the cocktail dress for my introduction,
the fitness wear and the evening gown
I left with a crown and a title:
Mrs. Northern Valley Intl. 2011

One of my favorite parts was Hubber
in a tux escorting me on stage and crowning me.

Shelby - Miss Sacramento Intl. 2011;
Consuelo - first runner-up Jr. Miss Northern Valley
& Me. We are all from Elk Grove.

I have lots of volunteer plans and ideas
that I am so excited about getting out to
my community.  More to come as these great
things happen.

Guess what? All of the title holders
got their entry paid to the state pageant.
The chance to be Mrs. California is
on my mind constantly. I am pumped.
Lots to do for this one ...

And so the journey begins ... YAY!

Check back often.