24 June 2010

A funny & Some Seriousness aka New Inspiration

The funny
I left for the office this morning with
Hubber's truck keys in my purse.
My day had a busy busy schedule so I couldn't go back.
Even funnier
He is the one who remembered and called me at the office.
This is after I pulled out my phone last night
when he handed them to me and said,
"I am going to put a reminder in my blackberry for
tonight so I remember to pull the keys out at home."

Hmmm...guess what happened? You got it!
No reminder. I forgot to do that too!
hee tee hee hee

Seriousness aka New inspiration
It is no secret I have been a workout momma
lately. True story.  It started a few months
ago.  I have to tell you ... if you struggle with
keeping up a routine just try and try and try your
hardest to stick with it. 
Because once you start to see results
you get happy and want to press on.
Currently I am exercising twice a day at home
and just joined a fitness class two nights a week.

Also I have noticed that I do not crave the *bad*
stuff as often as I used too.  I believe my
mind and tummy are trained to appreciate the greatness
of feeling fantastic.
Thank you Hubber for being the very best
personal * personal trainer anyone
could ever ask for.
He does not let me slack and you know? 
I feel so good after I finish a workout 
even if I grumbled and ranted about being too tired
after a long day of work.

Now work days are easy breezy. Everything changes
when you feel great.

I love the photos below.  They inspire me.
Thanks to my new favorite photo site weheartit.com

This one makes me giggle.

This one makes me smile. 

This one makes me jealous of those abs. 

I hope you have found some inspiration here today.