18 June 2010

Thanks D-A-D!

How cool is it that this year
my Dad's birthday falls on
Father's Day?
He gets double the pampering on Sunday.

I am sad they live alllll the way in FL and we
are in CA.  Humpf!

Happy Birth*arther's Day Dad!

It's his weekend but yet when I
get home from the office yesterday
this was on my counter ...

It's all wood pieces.
Not just one piece shaped like an apple.
He uses different types of wood for color
and texture, etc.
Daughter already picked out the perfect
spot for it in our kitchen.

This type of woodworking perfection takes lots
of time and skill.
Thank goodness Daddio is retired!

He has made us other things too like he and she hobos
and an amazing clock for my brother.
My brother's clock is a pond and it has two time pieces
in it. One regular and one backwards as if you were looking at a
reflection in the pond.  It's really cool.

You can see what my Dad spends most of his time
making by going here.  
His work is really amazing.
You can contact him if you want to have a piece
of this trend.  Trust me,
everyone will comment on it!

Have a wonderful weekend!